Starting spring 2015, this online shop will offer you a number of high-quality "tantric" products.

With "tantric" we mean those things which were made with very much dedication and love on the one hand and on the other hand expertise and professionalism.

Such products have become rare nowadays. Many produtcs are being made in India, Africa and the Far East - very often under inhumane working conditions. Child labor is not uncommon, nor are poor wages.

We strongly believe that under such conditions no truly "good" products can be manufactured - products that really resonate and live and are enriching live.

Little by little we will fill this shop with products for which we take  a personal responsibility, because we know where they come from and with what intention and devotion they were made.

It will all start with our professional training and educational series for tantra-massage. It will consist of six individual DVDs that we produce with great effort and all our experience and knowledge of over 20 years working in the field of self-awareness, Tantra and Tantric massage. The first DVD will be released in the spring of this year, the rest of the series will follow throughout the year.

Later we will start a series of six DVDs about intensive Tantratraining and some individual DVDs on the subjects: masculinity, femininity, love, sexuality and relationships.

We are also in contact with various artists, so we hope to be able to offer different everyday usable art objects, such as meditationbenches made from selected woods.

So - we have great plans and it could be worthwhile having a peek into this webiste. You might also want to subscribe to our newsletter (see below) and we will inform you automatically when there are more news available.

Lots of love,
Dirk Liesenfeld.